Seasoned SRE and SysAdmin with a knack for automation and systematization all facets of life. Serial skill acquirer in pursuit of a more automated and optimal life; I pickup, replace and augment skills as needed. At the end of the day, the software/tools/things/technology I'm responsible for should be reliable, performant and ideally put a smile on people's faces.


Sprig 2022-04-01 — 2023-02-17

Sr. Ops Engineer/SRE

In-house AWS specialist tasked with taming legacy Terraform, k8s configuration and general 'as-needed' tool development / process automation.


  • Modernized legacy Terraform and consolidated infrastructure saving thousands of $/month in AWS costs.
  • Architected and deployed highly scalable CI/CD pipe for both IaC (infrastructure as code) and Lambda functions cutting expensive dev time to provision traditional and EKS based infrastructure, manage networking/security resources.
  • Wrote extensive documentation for - and provided training on - new IaC/tooling. Automated document generation for existing IaC.
  • Introduced and consistently coached colleagues on standardized ADR (architecture design review) based approach to documenting and debating merits of architecture.
  • Led efforts to eliminate nuisance pages and implement consistent incident management process leading to faster/cheaper recovery.
  • Responsible for running bug bounty program, triage reports and prioritizing remediation work for internal teams.
  • Performed security focused code and architecture review for new product features.
  • Improved home-grown EKS deployment pipeline and tooling.

Kiddom 2020-10-01 — 2022-04-01

Sr. Ops Engineer/SRE

First dedicated Ops/Infra/SRE hire. Taming unwieldy infrastructure, porting legacy Terraform, developing/modernizing tooling and practices and leading efforts to instrument all layers of the stack.


  • Tool-smith: Wrote more than a few scripts/tools/lambda functions to automate everything from Cassandra cluster assembly to management of DNS entries and TLS Certificate provisioning to documentation generation.
  • OSS contributor: new features and bug fixes merged into various Cassandra management tools and Terraform providers.
  • Led efforts to increase observability into applications and infrastructure and build out a mature incident reporting and management apparatus.
  • Overhauled IAM and introduced best practices for cross-account resource utilization... and managed it with Terraform.
  • Brought IaC practices to as many things as possible including external services; onboarding new Eng. hires was done with a few PRs and tools like Atlantis did the heavy lifting.
  • Developed extensive corpus of documentation around IaC driven processes as well as legacy infrastructure and it's replacement - both planned and implemented.
  • Initiated the transition from legacy bare-metal /auto-scaled AMIs based architecture to an EKS based platform.

Touchpoint Restaurant Innovations 2018-10-01 — 2020-04-01

Sr. Production Engineer/SRE

equal parts troubleshooter, automation tooling engineer, AWS architect. Owned efforts to modernize, internalize, containerize various bits of core infrastructure.


  • Tool-smith: Dozens of in-house tools some of which radically changed (read: streamlined and automated) how hardware was shipped to customers. Other tools developed as needed to rectify problems at hundreds of in-field deployments.
  • Hashicorp evangelist. Terraform, Packer, Consul, Vault used/deployed to make for a largely immutable, smarter, more secure operating environment.
  • Vocal advocate for the containerization of workloads whenever possible. Strong proponent of immutable infrastructure and declarative infrastructure as code.
  • Tamer of Elastic Search (Open Distro for Elastic Search on Docker, specifically). Worked w/ Application Engineering side of the house on migration to ES7.
  • Supervisor of in-field hardware; everything from instrumenting for prometheus and building Grafana dashboards to vetting OEM samples to reverse engineering troublesome firmware and proprietary APIs.

Eventbrite (via Ticketfly) 2017-09-01 — 2018-10-01

Sr. SRE, DevOps evangelist

Support Ticketfly's systems and help Eventbrite build new tools and processes to give developers more insight into their systems and the organization more flexibility


  • Worked to revise how Eventbrite and Ticketfly respond to critical incidences.
  • Wrote tooling to better link Vault to Eventbrite's central authentication flow.
  • Modernization of existing Puppet manifests.
  • Coached colleagues on networking in AWS and Terraform best practices.
  • Created networking components to securely share data between EB and TF data lakes; extensive work w/ EB DataScience team to fine-tune performance.

Ticketfly 2015-01-01 — 2017-09-01

Sr. SRE, DevOps Practitioner, Tools Engineer, Cloud former

Hired as in the in-house AWS Expert. Led the migration from dataccentre to AWS and drove the necessary infrastructure and application architecture changes needed to pull it off.


  • Was 24x7 Tier 4 OnCall
  • Rebuild a modern / skilled DevOps team.
  • Significant tech-debt eradication, ancient stack archaeology, platform spelunking.
  • Authored countless Chef cookbooks, ruby gems.
  • SCALR server administrator.
  • Mongo and MySQL dbe/a.
  • Consult as an SRE and Architect for new apps and services.
  • Successfully ran bare metal / data center exit & equipment disposition & data destruction efforts.
  • Designed networking architecture for entirety of cloud deployment, negotiated and set up private fiber circuits, VPN tunnels and automated other security controls.

Acxiom 2014-02-01 — 2015-01-01

Associate Software Engineer

Principal support contact for all Aditive software. Integral Chef 'consultant'


  • Developed chef training / coached internal teams on migration to Chef.
  • Built tooling to automate administration of Aditive software and better integrate it within Acxiom's AWS environments.
  • Worked with colleagues in Asia to support and roll out Aditive software for Asian markets.
  • SRE, Ops, Dev work for a variety of internal and external applications, some of which serve millions of requests every day.

Aditive 2013-07-01 — 2014-02-01

DevOps Engineer

Equal parts Mongo and Vertica 5 DBA. Led development of software to automate build/deploy of Aditive software in A/B style. In-house Chef dev


  • Single handedly engineered and implemented growth/scale strategy for high demand web services.
  • Responsible for most infrastructure maintenance, including upgrades to production appliances and live migrations to AWS/VPC from AWS/EC2 Classic.
  • Designed and built a variety of deployment tools to aide under staffed development team with single-click / continuous deployment for testing and production environments.

UC, Merced 2009-08-01 — 2013-05-01

BS, Computer Science & Engineering


  • Computer Security
  • Networking
  • Computer Architecture
  • Databases
  • Algorithms

Amateur Radio Operator

Awarded 2020-01-01
by FCC
General Class

Intermediate Vault Training

Awarded 2016-09-01
by HashiCorp
Everything needed to deploy, run, integrate Vault

Programming Languages

  • Python3: advanced
  • golang: passable
  • rust: new, liking a lot!
  • php: rusty
  • ruby: rusty
  • C/++: hacky

Cloud Providers

  • AWS: advanced / 10+ Years experience
  • DigitalOcean: intermediate / 3+ Years experience.
  • Google: passable


  • kubernetes: advanced / 5+ Years experience.
  • Docker: advanced

IaC/Ops Tools

  • Terraform: advanced / 8+ years experience.
  • Packer: advanced
  • Consul: advanced
  • Vault: advanced

General SRE/Ops/Admin

  • Networking: duties ranging from setting up dedicated private circuits to troubleshooting latency to designed and automated VPC networking and associated network security controls
  • troubleshooting: advanced+
  • performance tuning: intermediate
  • testing: intermediate
🇺🇸 English
🇪🇸 Spanish
No asombroso, suficiente


  • avid gym rat
  • automated nutrition optimization
  • practitioner of various mindfulness techniques

Home/Personal Automation

  • built/hacked several IoT devices; see

Networks & wireless systems

  • Licensed HAM (we're allowed to build / test our own wireless protocols)
  • Passionate student of all techniques/protocols for linking systems together

Provided on request