Generic RGB Wall Switch teardown

Yep! Another teardown post! This one was also a cheap “because i’m curious” post. What It’s a ‘decora’ style wall switch with WiFI and an RGB color changing paddle. The product listing was very non specific: EU US WiFi Smart Wall Switch Push Button Timer Relay Switch Voice Remote Control RGB LED Night Light Lamp TUYA Alexa Google Home I saw TuYa in the item description and hoped that it would be based on an ESP8266 module or at least use a pin-compatible module.

Shelly Pro 4PM teardown

Yet another teardown post! Curiosity got the better of me while putting together a BOM for a project and I decided to add one of the new Shelly devices to my order to bump the total over the threshold for a nice discount. I have not seen a ton of discussion about what’s inside of a any of the new Shelly Pro devices. These ’next generation’ devices appear to all use a common and more uniform API which, apparently, is too demanding of the ESP8266 based hardware so it won’t be backported.