Announcing The Missing ToDoist Tools

TMTDT: The Missing ToDoist Tools 🎉 As the name implies, TMTDT started as a small collection of scripts that I used to augment ToDoist with features they can’t/won’t implement. It’s grown quite a bit since then. I don't know how to make flashy demo gifs. See the file driving the demo Those scripts started as simple idea and quickly morphed into a creaky, but essential, tool.

CAPP: Cloud Agnostic Proxy Protocol

It’s another “i made a thing!” post. 🙃 I’m playing around with porting a few different applications over to k8. Some of them - like skyhole - rely on UDP packets which my hosted k8 provider of choice (read: cheapest! 💰) does not support. The solution is either: Keep track of all of the node IP addresses that have an exposed nodePort and have the client connect directly to the cluster on the nodePort