Using new Lets Encrypt intermediate chain with SkyHole

If you somehow missed it, one of the certificates used by Lets Encrypt chain of trust expired this week. As expected, things broke…. including my private, filtered DNS over TLS server - SkyHole. Below is a condensed form of my notes to create the exact document that I wish I had while trying to triage broken DNS on my phone. TL;DR: Implement solution 3 from this post. Note: After releasing the initial version of SkyHole, I re-factored most of the code to eliminate the dependency on Docker.

Adding an APC UPS to Home Assistant energy dashboard

EDIT: (2021-09-19): After some back and forth with /u/Laxarus, there is now a simpler method! The snmp platform still does not support setting device_class, but wrapping the sensor in another template sensor is not required; just do so in your customize.yaml. I have called this out below. This is another quick “here’s how I did it, hope this help” post. In preparation for the inevitable grid brownouts that summer 2021 would bring, I installed a rather beefy UPS for my home network / lab.