Frigate From Scratch guide

FYI Portions of this post was edited for clarity with the help of ChatGPT. The Frigate NVR project is a relatively new entrant to the home security camera DVR space. Like most immature yet popular software, it has a killer feature - very good object detection that just works™ and robust Home Assistant integration. Unfortunately, the Frigate docs are a bit spartan particularly around installing; they more or less start with “now that you’ve installed it, let’s go over configuring / using …”.

Integrating a dumb coffee maker with Home Assistant via ESPHome

My beloved coffee maker of 10 years has finally died 😢. Parts are no longer available from either the manufacturer or the second-hand market. Taking advantage of a (slight) holiday sale discount, I pulled the trigger on a coffee maker that’s designed to be repairable forever. The perpetual serviceability is a side effect of an ultra-simple design; this coffee maker has zero intelligent features which means there’s next to no remote control or customizability.