Using Qi charging to fix the biggest design flaw with the HidrateSpark Steel Pro bottle

Parts and Instructions The majority of this post covers the “why” this mod came to be. If you’re just looking for the mod, you can find the 3d printable parts, BOM and instructions in accompanying github repo. What Hidrate Spark bottles are one of a small but growing number of ‘smart’ water bottles. In this instance, ‘smart’ refers to some mechanism for reporting on and tracking the bottles content over time.

Using ESPHome with the Treatlife DS03

Post depreciation notice This is an update to the Fixing Home Assistant discovery with Tasmota on the Treatlife DS03 post. Tasmota reliability A few months ago, I started to notice some bizarre behavior with the DS03 ceiling fan controllers that I had previously flashed with Tasmota. Very regularly, the devices would crash and reboot! I almost never noticed unless I was explicitly looking at the uptime / boot count graphs for the devices but every once in a while, the device would reboot right as I was trying to control it remotely.