Quick look inside two Ali Express mmWave presence detection sensors

Millimeter Wave technology has recently hit “mass consumer product adoption” price points. A casual search for “human presence sensor” on Ali Express will turn up a seemingly endless number of sub $40 devices that can detect movement far more accurately than any old PIR sensor. Each listing is fairly generic; there’s no explicit manufacturer details but they all use the same marketing images: As the photos below will show, neither device is super well marked with a model number so I’ll just refer to each by either the color of the enclosure or by the radar sensor inside.

ESPHome for Sinilink PC remotes

PC (power) remote control While doing research for a potential project, I stumbled onto a device that fit’s so squarely into that “it’s so simple and obvious, why didn’t I think tof that?!” category that I immediately placed an order for a few. That device? A simple WiFi equipped micro controller that gets wired between the power button on a PC and the motherboard. This makes it possible to remotely control and monitor the power state of any PC!