AliExpress 11.11 Sale Teardowns

11-11 day teardowns Single’s Day is a big deal in China and AliExpress has a big sale in celebration. In addition to project supplies, I found quite a few items that can only be classified as “ohh, that looks interesting and I need another $11 in the cart to unlock free shipping…” items. I was planing on doing a series of posts covering some of the stuff I bought but nothing on it’s own was really “worth” a full post so instead of a bunch of short “Two Minute Teardown” posts, I decided to just roll everything into this massive post.

Inside of the Pulse-Eight HDMI CEC Injector.

Inside the Pulse-Eight HDMI CEC Injector To make a long store short, Google recently pushed a few updates to my TV that made it slow as all hell and frustratingly unusable. I finally got fed up with the laggy UI and dug out an old mini PC and installed LibreELEC on it. Everything worked perfectly except for the lack of CEC support on the mini PC. This is a common enough problem that there’s a few different devices out there that can add CEC support to a device that doesn’t have it.