ESPHome for Sonoff T5 family of Switches

ESPHome for Sonoff T5 family of Switches It’s hard to beat Sonoff switches when it comes to well-made, affordable, Home Assistant compatible switches. Ever since they announced the T5 series, I’ve been patiently waiting for the US variant to become available so I could replace my M5 switches with T5 switches. Don’t get me wrong, the M5 switches are great… but not perfect. The T5 switches improve on the M5 limitations with some new and novel hardware features.

ESPHome on the Yeelight Monitor Light Bar Pro

Yeelight Light Bar Pro (YLTD003) Teardown Monitor-top light bars are wonderful for reducing eye strain and fatigue and the effect is even better with a bias light behind the monitor. Enter the Yeelight Light Bar Pro (YLTD003). YeeLight marketing photo from AliExpress listing. The background wash light really does help reduce eye strain and fatigue. It appears to be a pretty straightforward clone of the Xaomi MJGJD02YL that I’ve torn down previously but with some welcome changes internally.