home lab: simple printable cable org

Quick / another “i made a thing!” post. Picture showing designed parts deployed as intended (please ignore the lingering dust! 💨) I needed some horizontal / vertical cable rings for cat5 and power cables. I would have used the excellent 1U Rackmount Cable Management Rings by boulwarek except the hole spacing didn’t work for my application. I needed cable rings for the ‘front-to-back’ braces which have distinct dimensions: holes needed to be spaced 10.

electronics lab: enhanced psu

While doing the PoE related testing for this incident, it occurred to me that I never got around to sharing the files for a small modification to the popular RD6006 PSU. While drafting this post, I discovered that there appears to be a newer version of the RD6006: the 6012. As far as I can tell, they’re in the same ‘family’ and have the same dimensions so the CAD and related model files below should work w/ the RD6012 just as they do w/ the 6006, but i can only ‘guarantee’ that the CAD and related model files below will work with the RD6006.