Announcing The Missing ToDoist Tools

TMTDT: The Missing ToDoist Tools 🎉 As the name implies, TMTDT started as a small collection of scripts that I used to augment ToDoist with features they can’t/won’t implement. It’s grown quite a bit since then. I don't know how to make flashy demo gifs. See the file driving the demo Those scripts started as simple idea and quickly morphed into a creaky, but essential, tool. As more features were added it continued too morph into an unmaintainable mess.

Systemd Resolved With Consul Agent

I pieced this technique together a while back and created a gist for it. I’m creating this post as a pointer to that gist so I have something that’s a bit easier to reference and refer others to. And i want to test out the hugo shortcode for embedding a gist 😏. The really short version: Create a dedicated interface that can only be accessed from the local system Bind the consul-agent’s DNS service to this local only interface Tell systemd-resolved that all hostnames with the .