home lab: mini 'universal' patch panel

This is another brief “i made a thing!” posts. Version 2 Update 2020-12-12: I outgrew version 1! I needed a few more ports and didn’t have much time… so I just scaled the part up to double the number of jacks. The links below and the thingiverse and prusaprinters links have been updated w/ the new STL files. Printing and attachment works exactly the same as with the 1x8 version. Rather than include the Fusion360 source, I have included a standard STEP file.

PoE at a distance caused terrible cat5 speeds

This is a quick post for made in the hopes that some poor soul in the future will find it and save themselves some time. Background I’ve been experimenting with a few different ways to surface various home automation controls in the appropriate place and at a good time. One prototype host is deployed behind a small LCD under some cabinets in a high traffic area. This host is a raspberry pi 4 with a PoE hat.