Fixing Home Assistant discovery with Tasmota on the Treatlife DS03

Update This post is now deprecated. It has been superseded by Using ESPHome with the Treatlife DS03 from 2022-06. UPDATE: (2021-10-22): Tasmota 9.5.0 has been superseded by the new Tasmota 10.0.0 release. This release works perfectly with the rules/automation outlined below; you no longer need to avoid the problematic 9.5 release with the DS03. I am extremely grateful to every one of the people that contributes to the Tasmota project to keep it improving!

PoE powered Stack Light

The lights are much brighter than they appear in this picture; had to intentionally darken the image to prevent camera from blowing out the colors. Stack/signal lights are everywhere in industrial applications for good reason: they’re a compact and relatively information-dense indicator system. They always seemed like the kind of indicator that only people with expensive machines needed. Until I found that they can be had for just under $6/light from Ali Express, that is.