RSS and Home Assistant: early warning for grid blackouts

California, like most of the West Coast, is currently in the middle of a prolonged and serious heat-wave. Record breaking temperatures results in a distribution grid stressed beyond it’s abilities which guarantees blackouts. The organization that oversees the electric grid in California publishes RSS feeds for various types of grid related news and events. All the CA ISO RSS feeds are published here, but the two feed that I’m using are:

Announcing The Missing ToDoist Tools

TMTDT: The Missing ToDoist Tools 🎉 As the name implies, TMTDT started as a small collection of scripts that I used to augment ToDoist with features they can’t/won’t implement. It’s grown quite a bit since then. I don't know how to make flashy demo gifs. See the file driving the demo Those scripts started as simple idea and quickly morphed into a creaky, but essential, tool. As more features were added it continued too morph into an unmaintainable mess.