Shelly Pro 4PM teardown

Yet another teardown post! Curiosity got the better of me while putting together a BOM for a project and I decided to add one of the new Shelly devices to my order to bump the total over the threshold for a nice discount. I have not seen a ton of discussion about what’s inside of a any of the new Shelly Pro devices. These ’next generation’ devices appear to all use a common and more uniform API which, apparently, is too demanding of the ESP8266 based hardware so it won’t be backported.

Tuya Smart Curtain Driver Robot Teardown

I am trying something new out with this post; some mix of hardware teardown and a brief product review. Why I was looking for a way to actuate some heavy blackout curtains. There have been several DIY projects out there that manipulate curtains but they all appear to be relatively involved as they are often designed for a very specific type of curtain; servos that fit on the ’tilt rod’ or motors that can manipulate the pull chain… etc.