Using Home Assistant to dynamically layout openHasp widgets

Background This is one of those posts that sat in the Drafts folder for way too long. Just before release, I’d discover something new that would warrant substantial rewrites. After several delays, false starts and re-writes, I finally have something that is mostly new and worth sharing with the world. Like with the past few teardown posts, this one also started off as a ‘cart-stuffer’ item so I could unlock a more generous discount on the total purchase.

Generic RGB Wall Switch teardown

Yep! Another teardown post! This one was also a cheap “because i’m curious” post. What It’s a ‘decora’ style wall switch with WiFI and an RGB color changing paddle. The product listing was very non specific: EU US WiFi Smart Wall Switch Push Button Timer Relay Switch Voice Remote Control RGB LED Night Light Lamp TUYA Alexa Google Home I saw TuYa in the item description and hoped that it would be based on an ESP8266 module or at least use a pin-compatible module.