Inside a generic/white-label HDMI KVM Switch

If you’re here just for “how do I get it working with ESPHome” bit, skip to the ESPHome Component section below. Update 2022.05.14 I have just uploaded a basic PCB and enclosure to the ESPHome Component Repository. For the last few months, I have been looking for a KVM switch to simplify switching between work and personal computers. Initially, I didn’t think my criteria were that unreasonable, but for whatever reason there is no KVM switch that:

Installing Tasmota on the Xiaomi Desk Lamp

MJGJD02YL vs MUGJD01YL There are at least two versions of this lamp. Thanks to @htvekov for confirming that the MUGJD01YL variant does not contain an ESP32. It contains a TLSR8368. Some photos of the MUGJD01YL internals are provided below. If you’re here just for “how do I flash tasmota” bit, skip to the Tasmota section below. Now with ESPHome ESPHome support for the single-core ESP32 chip in the lamp has come a long way.