Quick look inside Venstar T7850 - One of the only 'no-cloud' WiFi Thermostats that plays nice with Home Assistant

Info As of 2022-05-11, there is an update on my experience with the thermostat below! This is another one of those posts from my never ending quest to integrate Home Assistant with All The Things! The thermostat that was installed when I moved in was an early Nest thermostat. These thermostats are - for the most part - well reviewed and liked. I had no complaints… except one. Google only permits programmatic interaction with Nest devices through their Smart Device Management API.

Inside a generic/white-label HDMI KVM Switch

If you’re here just for “how do I get it working with ESPHome” bit, skip to the ESPHome Component section below. Update 2022.05.14 I have just uploaded a basic PCB and enclosure to the ESPHome Component Repository. For the last few months, I have been looking for a KVM switch to simplify switching between work and personal computers. Initially, I didn’t think my criteria were that unreasonable, but for whatever reason there is no KVM switch that: