Quick look inside the OMRON Evolv BP7000 Blood Pressure cuff

A friend recently asked for my help with some reverse engineering. They wanted to know how difficult it would be to re-use some components from a lot of refurbished blood pressure cuffs they had recently acquired. Sounds easy, right? At a high level, there’s going to be: a pump and a pressure sensor and a valve a micro controller to run the show a way to communicate the readings back to the user In the interest of expediting things, I asked for the FCC IDs from the devices so I could have a look inside… and was surprized to find out that there was no FCC listing for this particular model from the lot.

Configuring additional ZwaveJS entities in Home Assistant over MQTT

This is a super quick “because the official docs didn’t make it super clear so here’s what ended up working for me” post. After some very disappointing WiFi connectivity issues, I settled on a Zwave based thermostat to replace the Venstar thermostat. After installing the Honeywell TH6320 and connecting it to the ZwaveJS gateway, a new `climate`` entity appeared in Home Assistant. From there, I was able to see/control: The current thermostat setpoint/mode The current air temp and humidity The current battery level / if the thermostat thought the battery was low I knew that it was possible to adjust the the screen backlight from the thermostat itself so I was a bit confused when there was no such configuration entity exposed in Home Assistant.