Using ESPHome with the Treatlife DS03

Post depreciation notice This is an update to the Fixing Home Assistant discovery with Tasmota on the Treatlife DS03 post. Tasmota reliability A few months ago, I started to notice some bizarre behavior with the DS03 ceiling fan controllers that I had previously flashed with Tasmota. Very regularly, the devices would crash and reboot! I almost never noticed unless I was explicitly looking at the uptime / boot count graphs for the devices but every once in a while, the device would reboot right as I was trying to control it remotely.

Quick look inside the OMRON Evolv BP7000 Blood Pressure cuff

A friend recently asked for my help with some reverse engineering. They wanted to know how difficult it would be to re-use some components from a lot of refurbished blood pressure cuffs they had recently acquired. Sounds easy, right? At a high level, there’s going to be: a pump and a pressure sensor and a valve a micro controller to run the show a way to communicate the readings back to the user In the interest of expediting things, I asked for the FCC IDs from the devices so I could have a look inside… and was surprized to find out that there was no FCC listing for this particular model from the lot.