CAPP: Cloud Agnostic Proxy Protocol

It’s another “i made a thing!” post. 🙃 I’m playing around with porting a few different applications over to k8. Some of them - like skyhole - rely on UDP packets which my hosted k8 provider of choice (read: cheapest! 💰) does not support. The solution is either: Keep track of all of the node IP addresses that have an exposed nodePort and have the client connect directly to the cluster on the nodePort

Systemd Resolved With Consul Agent

I pieced this technique together a while back and created a gist for it. I’m creating this post as a pointer to that gist so I have something that’s a bit easier to reference and refer others to. And i want to test out the hugo shortcode for embedding a gist 😏. The really short version: Create a dedicated interface that can only be accessed from the local system Bind the consul-agent’s DNS service to this local only interface Tell systemd-resolved that all hostnames with the .