Using ESPHome to Automatically restart frozen cable modem

Part of the reason for developing my SB8200 monitor was to get to the bottom of some infrequent but regular outages. To make a long story short, the LAG implementation on the modem seems to have some issues. A quick google will return many complaint threads detailing issues with the modem regularly locking up all traffic stopping. More annoyingly, these reports date back years and allege that later revisions of the firmware might fix the issue for good.

Arris SB8200 Prometheus Exporter

This is a very short “announcement” post. To beef up my home-lab observability stack, I’ve been working on a few projects to expose more data to Prometheus. Getting metrics from my cable modem has been on the “todo” list for literally years. There have been various metric exporters written in the past but they have either been archived/deleted off of GitHub or are otherwise inappropriate for my needs. So, I wrote my own.