ESPHome on the Yeelight Monitor Light Bar Pro

Yeelight Light Bar Pro (YLTD003) Teardown Monitor-top light bars are wonderful for reducing eye strain and fatigue and the effect is even better with a bias light behind the monitor. Enter the Yeelight Light Bar Pro (YLTD003). YeeLight marketing photo from AliExpress listing. The background wash light really does help reduce eye strain and fatigue. It appears to be a pretty straightforward clone of the Xaomi MJGJD02YL that I’ve torn down previously but with some welcome changes internally.

Solum 2.2 inch Electronic Shelf Label Teardown

Quick peek inside the EL029F3WRA In light of the recent news that the OpenEPaperLink firmware has been ported to the nRF52811 series of chips, I decided to take a look inside the Solum EL029F3WRA to see if it was a viable candidate for a project. As it turns out, it is very similar to the 2.9 inch tags. I hope to soon have a simple CAD model of the ESL which I’ll use to model a basic pogo-pin programming jig for this particular ESL.