Arizer XQ2 Teardown

Arizer XQ2 Teardown A friend of mine reached out and asked me about automating some aspects of their aroma therapy treatment. Note I was not given permission to share the specifics of their medical condition or the larger treatment plan so this post is going to deal with just the technical aspects of the device. The device they’re using for aromatherapy is the Arizer XQ2 and we agreed that integration with their existing Home Assistant setup would be ideal.

Using ESPHome to Automatically restart frozen cable modem

Part of the reason for developing my SB8200 monitor was to get to the bottom of some infrequent but regular outages. To make a long story short, the LAG implementation on the modem seems to have some issues. A quick google will return many complaint threads detailing issues with the modem regularly locking up all traffic stopping. More annoyingly, these reports date back years and allege that later revisions of the firmware might fix the issue for good.